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  • Natural Swimming Ponds.

    Full Design and Installation Service.
  • AGA Aquacoir Garden Pond Plant Systems.

    Full Supply and Installation Service.
  • Aquatic Plant, Water Lilies and ReedBed Growers.

    Full Installation Service.
  • Bioengineering - Preplanted Coir Products.

    Full Supply and Installation Service.
  • Aquatic Plants, Water Lilies and Pre-planted Coir.

    Full Supply, Delivery and Installation.
  • Fishery and Watersports Structures.

    Full Design and Installation Service.
  • Fishery Management and EIA Surveys.

    Full Consultation and Delivery Service.
  • Oase Lake and Pond Equipment.

    Full Supply and Installation Service.




A.G.A Group Aquatic Consultancy, Bio-engineering Solutions, Fisheries Management and Construction,

Welcome to the A.G.A Group

A.G.A. Aquatic Consultancy
A.G.A. Bioengineering Systems Ltd
A.G.A. Natural Swim Ponds
A.G.A. Civil Engineering Systems
A.G.A. Group Ecology & Land Management Consultants

Merton Hall Ponds site is one of the largest aquatic plant nurseries in the UKThe A.G.A. Group is the parent organisation under which a number of specialist divisions operate, Aquatic Consultancy, Bioengineering, Fishery Management, Lake and Pond Construction, these divisions allow for in-depth understanding of specific elements of the aquatic environment and provide expert knowledge in specific fields.

Also under the umbrella of the A.G.A Group is the Merton Hall Ponds site which is one of the largest aquatic plant nurseries in the UK so a variety of aquatic plant species can be easily sourced all year round.

The A.G.A Group operates a policy of ‘best practice’ and as such is quality assured to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards.

Integrated Approach

The multi-disciplined team offers a complete aquatic consultant services to those responsible for the management of the aquatic environment and wetland systems in terms of fisheries management, ecology and conservation.

This integrated approach to the management of the aquatic environment takes into account the interaction of the entire systems ecology. No part of an aquatic ecosystem should be viewed in isolation and the holistic approach adopted by the A.G.A. Group facilitates a management style that considers all aspects of the environment.
An integrated approach can lead to an improved natural balance, the enhancement of biodiversity and an increased productivity of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

A.G.A offers a complete range of Aquatic Consultant Services

The Aquatic Consultancy division is responsible for offering professional advice on a wide range of aquatic management issues such as: fisheries management, conservation, environmental management, environmental impact assessment and larger scale integrated projects.

A.G.A Group aquatic consultants can provide detailed assessments and produce reports and plans to assist in the planning application process and the assessment of all relevant significant environmental issues. The A.G.A Group will also consult with all relevant organisations and statutory bodies to provide the client with detailed EIA reports to accompany planning applications and proposals.

About Aquatic Consultancy

A.G.A Group offers a complete range of bioengineering products and solutions

  • Pre-planted Coir fibre rolls,
  • Pre-planted Coir fibre pallets,
  • Eco-islands,
  • Willow, chestnut and hazel faggots
  • A.G.A rock rolls.

Design and installation can be carried out by our specialist teams from our Special Projects Division from concept to completion.

About Bioengineering

Fisheries Management - A core activity for A.G.A. Group

The division covers such aspects of fishery management as water quality analysis, fish health examinations, nutritional requirements and stocking programmes. Fish health and stock assessments are essential elements of good fishery management and the A.G.A Group aquatic consultants are on hand to carry out examinations and analysis. Stock assessments are carried out by our trained operatives using either seine netting or electro-fishing methodologies, or often a combination of both depending on the site. The health examinations are carried out in accordance with Section 30 criteria and protocol of the Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975. These examinations are required by current legislation before fish are stocked into the 'wild' fishery system.

About Fisheries Management