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  • Natural Swimming Ponds.

    Full Design and Installation Service.
  • AGA Aquacoir Garden Pond Plant Systems.

    Full Supply and Installation Service.
  • Aquatic Plant, Water Lilies and ReedBed Growers.

    Full Installation Service.
  • Bioengineering - Preplanted Coir Products.

    Full Supply and Installation Service.
  • Aquatic Plants, Water Lilies and Pre-planted Coir.

    Full Supply, Delivery and Installation.
  • Fishery and Watersports Structures.

    Full Design and Installation Service.
  • Fishery Management and EIA Surveys.

    Full Consultation and Delivery Service.
  • Oase Lake and Pond Equipment.

    Full Supply and Installation Service.




Swimming Ponds at the BBC with Charlie Dimmock

charlie dimmock at aga groupA must view program for all our visitors this evening - Thursday 9th January 2014.

Ponds and Stumperies BBC 2 7pm

Charlie Dimmock campaigns to put ponds back in gardens. She finds out the importance of ponds for wildlife and takes the plunge in a new style of water gardening - the swimming pond.

Watch the program on BBC 2 iPlayer here

Find out more about what A.G.A can provide in supplying and installing a 'natural swimming pond' in your garden by visiting our new dedicated Natural Swimming Ponds website.