About A.G.A Group - Aquatic Consultancy

About A.G.A Group

The A.G.A. Group is the parent organisation under which a number of specialist divisions operate, these divisions allow for in-depth understanding of specific elements of the aquatic environment and provide expert knowledge in specific fields. Also under the umbrella of the A.G.A Group is the Merton Hall Ponds site which is one of the largest aquatic plant nurseries in the UK so a variety of aquatic plant species can be easily sourced all year round.

AGA are ISO14001 certificate holdersThe A.G.A Group operates a policy of ‘best practice’ and as such is quality assured to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards.

Integrated Approach

The multi-disciplined team offers a complete service to those responsible for the management of the aquatic environment and wetland systems in terms of fisheries management, ecology and conservation.
AGA Group are ISO9001 certificated
This integrated approach to the management of the aquatic environment takes into account the interaction of the entire systems ecology. No part of an aquatic ecosystem should be viewed in isolation and the holistic approach adopted by the A.G.A. Group facilitates a management style that considers all aspects of the environment.

An integrated approach can lead to an improved natural balance, the enhancement of biodiversity and an increased productivity of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.
AGA Group are members of the Society of Biology
Any approach to aquatic, wetland and indeed terrestrial environmental management should acknowledge that inland waters are often managed for a range of other recreational activities. Water resources can be a priority for a potable supply or for a host of other uses and as such the potential impacts on a water supply must be carefully assessed.

Ash Girdler- AGA Principal ConsultantAsh Girdler heads up the team as Principal Consultant and Director of Operations. He has spent over twenty years actively carrying out practical fisheries work and is a Fellow of the Institute of Fisheries Management. Ash is a Chartered Biologist, and Member of the Institute of Biology, a Chartered Environmentalist and one of a small number of independent fish health specialists recognised by the Environment Agency for the purposes of carrying out health examinations under Section 30 of the Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975.

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Other qualifications held include an NPTC competence certificate for the safe and competent use of herbicides for aquatic weed control, so you can be sure that all advice is based on a sound knowledge and that any work will be undertaken in a safe and effective manner. Ash also holds an 'idq' certificate for fish identification.

The group is divided into the smaller working divisions to facilitate effective management and operational administration.
The divisions are:-

  • A.G.A Aquatic consultancy division
  • A.G.A. Bioengineering Systems
  • A.G.A Group Fish Health Division
  • A.G.A Special projects division
  • Merton Hall Ponds Nursery