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AGA Aquatic Consultancy - Algae Control

The LGSonic Ultrasonic system

The A.G.A Group offers a range of algae control methods, the most effective being ultrasonics, and is happy to offer site specific solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Ultrasonic Algae Control

Ultrasonics is the most effective method available for controlling and eliminating the undesirable and damaging effects of algae contamination.

These units are completely safe and present NO negative impacts on health or the environment.

A new generation

The use of ultrasonic waveforms is an environmentally friendly method of effective control. It will completely negate the nuisance of blue/green (cynabacteria), blanket weed (filamentous algae) species and other nuisance algae.

Algae infested lake prior to application of Ultrasonic control The same lake after 2 week application of Ultrasonic control algae-buster-5

Using advanced ultrasonic technology a submerged transducer transmits ultrasonic waveforms to specifically target the algae cell structure. A complex pattern of ultrasonic vibrations through the water cause the cell vacuole to rupture. Whether buoyant or attached the single cell is destroyed, rendering the algae dead.

The following video demonstrates how this technology works. Ultrasonics can control and eliminate algae in a number of aquatic environments.