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EIA - Environment Impact Assessments

Environment Impact Assessments reportsThe term EIA describes a procedure that increasingly must be followed for certain types of project before they can be given 'development consent'. The procedure is a means of drawing together, in a systematic way, an assessment of a project's likely significant environmental effects. This helps to ensure that the importance of the predicted effects, and the scope for reducing them, are properly understood by the public and the relevant competent authority before it makes its decision.

EIA enables environmental factors to be given due weight, along with economic or social factors, when planning applications are being considered. It helps to promote a sustainable pattern of physical development for land and property use in cities, towns and the countryside. If properly carried out, it benefits all those involved in the planning process.

As we become more environmentally aware the need to assess the impacts of development increases, especially in relation to water management and it is now mandatory to carry out EIA on new developments of a certain magnitude.

Regardless of magnitude, when dealing with a fragile ecosystem such as the aquatic environment the A.G.A Group would recommend some sort of impact assessment be carried out. The organisation currently carries out EIA on all types of proposed development projects for clients in accordance with Government/Environment Agency guidelines.

A.G.A Group specialise in aquatic ecology surveys but also carry out terrestrial impact assessments and ecological surveys. These assessments take into account all aspects of impacts on the environment and put these issues on a par with social and economic impacts that can occur through development.

A.G.A Group consultants can provide detailed reports to assist in the planning application process and assess all relevant significant environmental issues. The A.G.A Group will also consult with all relevant organisations and statutory bodies to provide the client with a detailed EIA report to accompany successful planning applications and proposals.

Services and advice provided on:
Preliminary scoping and screening to decide if an EIA or environmental statement (ES) is required, feasibility studies, project co-ordination, baseline surveys, impact assessment, identification and evaluation of mitigation measures, public / statutory consultations and expert witness, preparation/review of ES, planning consents, social impact assessment, sustainability appraisals/statements.