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A.G.A Aquatic Consultancy - Environment Impact Assessments - Case Study - Mill Pond Fishery

EIA Case Study: Mill Pond Fishery

The A.G.A Group was commissioned by the Client to assist in the development of a new pond complex. The consultants were involved in every stage of the process, designing the new pond with the Client and Architect so the profiles were conducive to good fish health and the inlet and outflow structures were positioned correctly. These details are crucial to the success of a pond or lake and when correctly planned can save thousands later on.

Once the details of the plan and the planting schedule of the site were confirmed with the Client then a full environmental survey of the site was carried out. This enabled the consultants to fully understand the environmental issues that the proposed development would have and put in mitigation measures so the site can realise its full ecological potential.

A report of the environmental impacts of the pond development was then compiled, taking into account all of the associated parameters and issues of the project. The Environment Agency and English Heritage were consulted as stakeholders before the planning application was made. This was to allow them to make suggestions regarding the plan and make the planning process run as smoothly as possible. The environmental impact report was then submitted as supplementary evidence with the planning application.

After the consultants had finished with this stage of the project it was passed over to the special projects division who had the task of constructing the pond.