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Ornamental Lake Management

A.G.A Group and Oase are working together in partnershipLake management and the enhancement of lakes and ponds is an important element of the work we do at the A.G.A. Group, together with our partners Oase we can supply and install a full range of lake management products. Oase has built up a fantastic reputation within the pond, lake and water gardening industry due to their innovative and expansive product range. The range of lake management products now caters for all of the needs of water features and lake manager’s, this equipment includes low maintenance filtration systems to display aeration products.

The A.G.A Group and Oase are working together in partnership to improve water quality in larger ponds and lakes up to about 2000m2 by using innovative new technology. Our customers can therefore be sure that they will always profit from the development and implementation of these products to improve both water quality and the aquatic environment as a whole.

Many factors determine the quality of a body of water. Fish and water fowl introduce nutrients, and whilst falling leaves in autumn and blossoms in spring increase the availability of nutrients. The results are algal growth and the formation of sludge that silts up the body of water.

Oase water quality products offer a totally natural remedy; the regenerative powers of the body of water are reinforced and accumulating nutrients are broken down biologically. By using such products artificial ponds and lakes can enjoy sustainable clarity and create a habitat where plants and fish thrive.

For more than 50 years Oase has honoured its claim to only sell products that are technically mature, that have been tested multiple times, and that are manufactured in accordance with rigorous quality criteria.

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