A.G.A Aquatic Consultancy - Planning and Development

Planning and development

A.G.A Group planning and consentsThe A.G.A. Group has direct experience in dealing with the Environment Agency, Local Planning Authorities, Natural England and other statutory bodies in applying and obtaining planning consents for fish farms, recreational fisheries, private ponds and lakes. Currently there are projects underway for clients in all of these areas and the case study pages provide details of past projects.

The A.G.A. Group will undertake any or all of the steps that are required to obtain planning consent for the Client from the early planning stage to post consent. Once consent is gained the consultants then pass over to the special projects team which handles the construction side of the projects. That is providing we feel that the method and type of construction is in an area that we can offer a competitive and professional service to the client.

There is ‘in house’ technical and practical experience available in pond and lake design which has been gained over many years of actually ‘doing the job’ for a living. Ash Girdler, the principle consultant is never happier than when he has the opportunity to work with a client to design their dream fishery or other aquatic feature.

To offer a complete service in today’s environmentally sensitive world the planning and development team is multi-disciplined to enable it to undertake Environmental Impact Assessment, scoping and feasibility studies as well as ecological reports as part of the development package. Our consultant/client advisers have a full and working knowledge of ever developing environmental legislation and the criteria that governs applications for such things as abstraction and discharge consents.

It is important to strike a balance to ensure that the project objectives are achieved in a way that takes full consideration for biodiversity and sustainability. All of the regulatory bodies and their statutory consultee's now expect this to happen as a matter of course.

Past client references are always available to serious potential clients.