A.G.A Group lake surveys

A.G.A Aquatic Consultancy - Pond and Lake Surveys

Pond and lake surveys

Overhanging trees have a detrimental impact on the ecology of many lakesThe A.G.A Group offers a full consultancy service including baseline assessments of water bodies, silt content, marginal vegetation and fish populations/health. Depending on the clients needs and after an initial site visit the A.G.A Group’s experienced consultants can offer both professional advice and perform in-depth analysis of particular problems. In some instances full management plans have been requested by Local Authorities and fisheries alike to offer a holistic approach to aquatic management. These management plans encompass all the aspects of the aquatic and sometimes terrestrial environment and offer prescriptions to remediate and improve the natural ecology of the site.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the client are of utmost importance and as such certain elements of the aquatic environment can be specified for detailed assessment. Specific assessments and surveys carried out have included:

  1. Marginal aquatic vegetation assessments
  2. Siltation surveys
  3. Fish population/community assessments
  4. Water quality analysis
  5. Environmental impact assessment
  6. Tree surveys


Aquatic assessments and surveys are carried out for a number of reasons, primarily they are requested when it is viewed that the ecology (or some element of) a water body is not functioning correctly. In these circumstances the problems are often known or there is a suspicion, in both situations seeking professional advice is often the sensible way forward. The majority of freshwater managers have an understanding of how aquatic ecosystems function, but often lack the technical ability to clearly define the problem and formulate specific solutions to rectify the situation.

Having provided professional aquatic environmental advice for 20 years to both statutory bodies and private clients the A.G.A Group is in a unique position to offer holistic guidance and advice as to how best to manage freshwater environments.