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A.G.A Group - Fisheries Management


Fisheries Management - A core activity for A.G.A. Group

The fisheries management division of the organisation is wide ranging and responsible for all aspects of the business that deal directly with the management of fisheries.

The division covers such aspects of fishery management as water quality analysis, fish health examinations, nutritional requirements and stocking programmes. Fish health and stock assessments are essential elements of good fishery management and the A.G.A Group aquatic consultants are on hand to carry out examinations and analysis. Stock assessments are carried out by our trained operatives using either seine netting or electro-fishing methodologies, or often a combination of both depending on the site. The health examinations are carried out in accordance with Section 30 criteria and protocol of the Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975. These examinations are required by current legislation before fish are stocked into the 'wild' fishery system.

Our aquatic and fisheries consultants are often asked to attend fisheries where catch rates are lower than expected and the A.G.A Group can offer advice based on ‘sound science’ and where applicable compile full fishery management plans tailored to your needs. All other aspects of fishery management are also covered by this division such as biosecurity measures, weed control and aeration requirements.


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