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BIOCLOSET® has resolved the dilemma of toilet facilities in countryside fisheries. This waterless, chemical-free operation will turn any fishery into a civilised venue. Simplicity is the key to its effectiveness. It is a toilet without any sewage disposal headaches. The waste is turned into odourless compost through a natural process.

The specially designed and patented BIOCLOSET® system is unique in retaining the waste, creating the natural composting process and eliminating odours. It takes away the need to flush and the process requires no extra liquid.

There is a simple, but important difference to a normal toilet. Instead of flushing, a handful of sawdust is thrown into the box after use and the lid closed. This is a crucial aspect of the composting process.

The A.G.A Group has installed a number of units on various sites and they have proven to be most beneficial to the sporting clubs which have installed them. They have been found to encourage more female, junior and disabled participants and provide a welcome convenience in countryside locations. The BIOCLOSET creates an up-market atmosphere where everyone can steer clear of uncomfortable or embarrassing experiences.

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