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Fish health assessments

Ash Girdler undertakes another assessmentThe A.G.A. Group fishery management team maintains a complete Fish Health Service for Angling Clubs and Fishery Owners, whilst offering a complete fish health consultancy to fish farms and fish suppliers.

The A.G.A. Group are specialists in the field of Fish Health, Ash Girdler the Principal Consultant is recognised* by the Environment Agency for the purposes of Health Examinations under Section 30 of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act (1975).

In addition to standard health examinations to facilitate stock movement (Section 30), advice can be given on a combination of any of the following; -

  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Disease Treatment
  • Nutritional Profile of the Water
  • Nutritional Profile of the Fish
  • Complete Management Plan
  • Fish Mortalities

Successful fish farmers are aware of the importance of water quality as one of the major environmental factors in growing healthy fish.

To book water quality analyses please telephone: 01953 886824 for a purpose made sample bottle. For a set price the client will receive the analysis results with an accompanying explanation.

‘Buyer Beware’
is recommended by the Environment Agency and as such the A.G.A. Group endorses and supports this policy and commends it to their clients. Always make sure that fish to be stocked have been health checked and endeavor to have a reliable and experienced person on-site to inspect the fish before they are actually stocked. The A.G.A. Group offers coverage across the entire English mainland.

* Recognition indicates that the E A acknowledges the ability of the A.G.A. Group to carry out the examination and protocol required by Section 30 of the Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Act (1975). It does not represent a recommendation of the business by the Environment Agency