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Fishery surveying and stock management

Siene netting is vital tool in stock assessmentsThe A.G.A. Group fisheries management team can carry out electro-fishing, seine netting and trapping methods to both assess fish populations and to remove stock, including unwanted predators. The primary method for surveying and stock management is seine netting or electro fishing and if done correctly causes the minimal of harm to the fish.

We are often asked to attend angling waters to carry out surveys of the stock, and on a regular basis our investigations will reveal that it would be beneficial to the health of the fishery to reduce the stock biomass in it. Removing fish is usually only really effective for improving angling when it is carried out as part of a management plan which considers the habitat and wider ecology of the fishery. It is only when you manage fisheries at this holistic level that one can expect to see tangible improvements to the angling results. Simply put, removing fish will reduce chronic stress levels, fish free from stress will feed more freely, breed more prolifically, this may in turn result in a harvestable surplus that is worth money, which you can be used to bring about further improvement to the fishery.

Telephone one of our fishery management consultants to discuss how the A.G.A. Group might carry out a survey to supply critical management information and to remove stock if so required.

Growth and health are vital parts of stock assessmentsWe would wish to emphasis that we do not want to buy your fish, we are willing to sell them for you (we charge an administration fee). This way you make more money and we can honestly say (and be believed) that we do not advise clients to remove fish to buy them on the cheap and make additional money, many do.
The A.G.A. Group are not fish dealers!

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