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Fishery Management - Biosecurity

Biosecurity should start with limiting access to authorised people onlyThe A.G.A Group views Biosecurity as one of the most important aspects of a good fisheries management plan and as such is on hand to offer advice to help secure fisheries against risk. Biosecurity is concerned with managing the risks of the industry to acceptable levels through good working practice. There are a number of practical measures which fisheries managers can take to protect there fisheries against disease and invasive plant and animal species.

The A.G.A Group in a consultancy capacity can help to implement these measures and put together a sound management plan to secure fisheries against risk. Having worked in the fisheries industry for over 20 years the A.G.A Group is well aware of the risks faced by fisheries managers and has helped a number of fisheries considerably reduce that risk. The integrated approach that the A.G.A Group takes makes sure that all eventualities are considered and nothing is left to chance.

Correctly positioned dips and sterilisation facilities makes it impossible to ignoreThe A.G.A Group strongly recommend that fishery managers make themselves aware of all ‘bio-threats’ which have the ability to impact on a fishery.

The A.G.A Group has published its own advisory booklet on good biosecurity
techniques entitled: Biosecurity: Principles and Practice. The advisory booklet covers all practical aspects of biosecurity and how to protect you fishery and is available direct at a cost of £7.50 + p&p.
Call one of our advisors to arrange a site visit and discuss how we can help secure your fishery against potential risks: Tel: +44 (0)1953 886824 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.