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Water Quality Testing

The A.G.A Group can undertake a number of specific water quality tests in our specialist laboratory; this enables the confident assessment of any water quality issues you might have, be it in a pond or river and offer guidance and prescriptions on how to remedy the problems.

The laboratory itself is situated at our head office site so you can be guaranteed quick results, especially in the case of a pollution incident or other emergency. The laboratory tests for a number of key water quality parameters to accurately identify specific deficiencies.

Because fish perform all their bodily functions in water and fish are totally dependent upon water to breathe, feed and grow, excrete wastes, maintain a salt balance, and reproduce, understanding the physical and chemical qualities of water is critical to successful management. In many respects and to a great extent ‘water quality’ determines the success or failure of the successful management of the aquatic environment; this is especially true where fish are concerned.

The main parameters tested for in water quality are: Dissolved oxygen, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, phosphate and hardness.

These parameters give a good representation of water quality in all water bodies and are recognised by organisations such as the Environment Agency, DEFRA and Natural England as key parameters for assessing water quality.

The A.G.A Group has been carrying out water quality tests for many years, working in tandem with these recognised organisations and private clients to ensure the good status of our lakes and rivers both at the present and into the future.

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