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Weed Control

NPTC licensed operator logoHerbicide control requires use of licensed contractors such as A.G.A GroupThe A.G.A Group offers a complete weed control package and as such is on hand to deal with any of your needs. Problematic and invasive plant species if left unchecked can take over a water body in a surprisingly short space of time and as such should be dealt with as soon as possible. There are a number of techniques which can be employed depending on the circumstances and a thorough inspection of the site should always be carried out before proceeding.

NPTC Certificate for herbecidesThe A.G.A Group holds a NPTC competency certificate for giving advice and the safe use and application of aquatic herbicides, the A.G.A Group has over 20 years experience with dealing with problematic invasive aquatic plant life so you can be sure the treatment recommended will be the best to suit you.

Weed control is often considered to fall into four categories:-
  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Environmental
  • Mechanical
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