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The A.G.A Group has its own aquatic nursery, one of the largest in the UK that has been commercially growing and supplying aquatic plants for over 12 years. The nursery grows many types of aquatic species to meet client’s needs and operates year round so aquatic plants can be provided whatever time of the year.

The A.G.A Group is willing to undertake all types of aquatic plant projects, from introduction to removal and has a wide stock available at its Merton Hall Ponds Nursery.

This is the hub of the operation where all the coir pallets and rolls are made and grown as well as stocking an extensive range of aquatic plant species. The nursery team has an extensive knowledge of the ecology and conditions which best suit individual species and are on hand to offer expert advice.

Aerial view of the 70 acre siteThe AGA Group Merton Hall Ponds site is a ‘fish-free’ nursery where it grows aquatic plants solely for the introduction of plants into client’s waters. In addition the option is also available of obtaining surplus plants from existing clients waters to move to other client waters, in situations where fish are present, all plants are disinfected before introduction.

The A.G.A Group is proud to offer such an integrated aquatic consultancy service and the Merton Hall Ponds site is an extension of this, as there is no reliance on suppliers the A.G.A Group can guarantee the availability of a number of key aquatic species. This integration runs through all aspects of the business which is why the A.G.A Group is one of the fore-runners in the UK in the aquatic consultancy sector.

Whatever your needs be assured that the A.G.A Group has the right advice and solution for you.

For more information on any of the Merton Hall Ponds Nursery products or services, why not call one of our trained advisors on: Telephone: +44 (0)1953 886824 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.