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Aquacoir Pond Plant Systems

aquacoir garden coirA.G.A. Aquacoir Pond Plant Systems are the reliable answer to establishing aquatic and marginal plants in small ponds and wetland areas of gardens.

This system is the most environmentally friendly method for the construction, repair or refurbishment of garden ponds. A natural stand of vegetation around the waterline of membrane lined ponds can also be simply achieved using A.G.A. looped fabric to cover the liner to which Florarolls can be secured.

Pre-grown and established Aquacoir modules are more eco-friendly than, and provide a more permanent alternative to, plastic plant baskets, troughs and bare root plants.

Aquatic plants are grown in our own wetland nurseries to ensure reliable supplies of well-established Aquacoir modules are available for year round installation and you can select from planting options of either Ornamental or Native species.