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AGA - Wild and Cultivated Aquatic Plants


aga group waterplants- white lilyThe A.G.A Group is one of the leading suppliers of aquatic plants in the UK with its Merton Hall Ponds aquatic plant nursery commercially growing and supplying Phragmites australis (Common Reed) for the landscape, environmental and civil engineering industries for over 12 years.

The A.G.A Group is willing to undertake all types of aquatic plant projects, from introduction to removal and has a wide stock available at its Merton Hall Ponds nursery.

The AGA Group has its own ‘fish-free’ nursery where it grows aquatic plants solely for the introduction of plants into client’s waters. In addition we also have the option of obtaining surplus plants from existing clients waters to move to other client waters, in situations where fish are present, all plants are disinfected before introduction.

The groups dedicated team of consultants is available to offer advice on techniques to increase the amount of aquatic plant coverage on your fishery. Planting projects are only undertaken after a thorough inspection of the site to ensure the habitat will support introduced aquatic plants. The opportunity to introduce plants that are locally abundant should always be considered as a priority as should increasing and supporting biodiversity by reintroducing less common plants, where it is appropriate.