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AGA Group - Special Projects Division

Special Projects Division

This division of the group is wide ranging and undertakes a variety of projects from the design and installation of erosion control measures to fish holding systems, including bio-filtration and complete re-circulation systems. The division also undertakes the design and development of fisheries and fish farms and has the expertise to take the clients proposal from conception through negotiations with the regulatory bodies to completion.

Pond and lake constructionOrnamental ponds design and constructionRiverine restoration and improvementSwimming pond designs and constructionReedbed and wetlands planning and development

The aquatic weed control function of the group is also dealt with under the small works division as is ornamental pond construction.

This is the division of the group that deals with the construction side of the organisation and a staff of professionals to install or restore any lake or aquatic system is always on hand.

New projects for this division now support the growing trend for 'natural' swimming ponds. Find out more by visiting our dedicated Natural Swim Pond website.

A.G.A. Civil Engineering Systems is devoted to providing a wide range of integrated geo-technical, structural and engineering services not directly associated with bio-engineering and erosion control. Find out more by visiting our new dedicated website at


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