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Beautiful and practical

The A.G.A Group can offer a design and construction service for natural swimming ponds from concept to completion. Working with you to design and create a swimming pond to meet all of your requirements. Natural swimming ponds are a fairly recent concept in the UK and an innovation in garden design. In Europe natural swimming ponds have been widely accepted as a more ecologically friendly form of swimming pool. They are a lot more eco-friendly than conventional swimming pools. A significant advantage of a natural swimming pond is that they do not rely upon chemical sterilisation and instead let nature carry out these processes.

Suitable for all types of property and layoutsThe design of a natural swimming pond can range in style depending on the clients preferences, and is specifically created so you can swim in pure naturally filtered water with no chemicals.

The A.G.A Group can offer natural swimming ponds which have numerous advantages of traditional swimming pools, looking beautiful and respecting the environment. The Group can design and install fresh environmentally friendly swimming ponds in tune with nature in your own garden.

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